Walk to Bhated Waterfall

Walk to Bhated Waterfall

Mcleodganj – Galu – Bhated Waterfall-Mcleodganj


“The soul of India lives in its villages well said by Mr. Gandhi. Being in to tourism and being a naturalist i had got best of experience in to the villages while travelling. I must tell while on a travel trip one should must visit the local villages to understand local lifestyle, experience food and enjoy nature. Being a resident of Himalayas has visited our nearby villages for Hikes, Cycling, Birding, weddings and other social festivals which is the heritage of our Mountains and I have a bucket of such heritage which I would love to share with travelers to our regions. We organize various Cycling tours, Village Walks and Home Stays to enjoy the Cultural, Natural and Social Heritage of our villages.


We start our day by early breakfast and begin our walk from Mcleodganj heading towards Galu, passing through Tushida and Vipasana Meditation centers,  which would take approximately 90 minutes. Taking a short break at Dharamkot, we walk through the Beautiful forest compromised of  Oak, Cedar and Variety of Flaura-Fauna which is also a home to a species of Birds and on reaching Galu we take a short Tea break.

We begin our walk from Galu to Bhated water fall, the Trail passes through the beautiful forest of Oak, Rhododendron and Wildflowers.  One can Swim into Icy water pools & Spending some time over the falls we head back to Galu and have our Lunch at Galu and reach back Mcleodganj by late noon to end our Day.

We can take a Cab back to MCleodganj or walk back  from Galu to Mcleodganj

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