Tour for Cause


People or travelers from  around the Globe have always curiosity and concern about the Third World and the remotest locations of Himalayas, what generally people do for their health, education, animals, environment and living also some of them have very deep concern to devote their skills and professionalism towards the Betterment and Welfare of people of the Third World! But there is lack of information and resources where to go, whom to approach, how much time can we devote, what time of the year and how much will it cost are few of the questions and  concerns of the peoples which comes to mind.

Tour De India being operational in the region has experience and approach till the local communities and we understand where the NEED is? And where your skills can fit and benefit the Society. Being a responsible tour operator we have designed some of such tours, which is totally non-profitable and for the betterment of society, where in a Traveler can devote their skills and at the same time they can enjoy the Vicinity and the Touristic Heritages around.



We welcome people from all Walks of life, from any kind of skills and profession or non skilled as well. Enthusiastic travelers and explorers with a big heart to help the needy is what we look out for. So the opportunities for helping hands have no end. You are free to come do thy part any time.


We have mentioned below few of the sectors in which the environment and society is in much need.

  • Animal Welfare

  • Health and Sanitation

  • Education

  • Child welfare

  • Women welfare

  • Transgender welfare

  • Environment and wildlife

  • Tibetan refugees

  • Physically disabled

  • Psychiatric Patients

  • Employment

  • Skill Development

  • Art and Handicraft

  • Fashion designers

  • Digital welfare

  • Rural and town Development

  • Agricultural development






Mission: We strive to provide the best possibilities to the society, wildlife & environment as well as a best home for our beloved Travelers.

Vision: To make the Planet a beautiful home for everyone, with – Love Care and Dedication.

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