Manali -Chandertal Lake Cycling

Manali -Chandertal Lake Cycling



If you are looking for a short & challenging ride with panoramic Himalayan views then this is the ride for you. The ride from Manali to Chandertal is breathtaking and for the novice can be tough; nevertheless rewarding. Though short on duration this one doesn’t lack grandness in any way and takes one riding on a memorable trail through a high altitude region, leading to a true jewel in the mountains, Chandertal lake.
A must do cycling trip for anyone who is into cycling . One of India’s best cycling route in terms of natural beauty. Chandertal is situated at an altitude of about 4,300 Meters. Mountains of scree overlook the lake on one side, and a magnificent cirque presents a view on the other. The name of the lake originates from its crescent shape.

Every year the lake is out of bounds for seven months and the lucky ones can visit only once the road opens in last week of May to be closed in September.  It’s an experience which will resonate for years to come and camping by the Chandertal Lake surely does awaken your senses to a higher realm.



1)        Mountain bicycle & Helmet.

2)        Professional Mechanic along the group.

3)        Support & Back-up vehicle along the group.

4)        Camp stay & Kitchen throughout the Journey

5)        Guide cyclists along the group Cycling Tour (Manali-Chandertal-Manali)

Day 1

Cycling from Manali to Madhi.(Night camping at Madhi)

Distance:- 35 Kms

Elevation:- 3,360 m (11,020 ft)


Day 2

Cycling from Madhi to Chatru via Rohtang Pass.(Night camping at Chatru)

Distance:- 47 Kms (28 Km Uphill & 19 Km Downhill in Off-road terrain )

Elevation:- 3383.28m (11,100 ft)


Day 3

Cycling from Chatru to Chandertal (off-road )(Night camping at chandartaal)

Distance:- 29.7 km

Elevation:- 4,300 meters (14,100 ft)


Day 4

Drive from Chandertal to Manali.

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