Govt. Limits Triund Camping

In an attempt to control human traffic, keeping the safety of trekkers at priority and to maintain a balanced ecosystem in the popular region of Triund, the Forest Department and Adventure Tour Operator Association of the region has come up with a plan of limiting the overnight camping and day Hikers at Triund.

Effective from 5th Oct-2018, The new practice has been brought into existence, at Galu Temple which is the entrance point for Triund Trek, beyond this check-post no one is permitted to go Without Written Permission by Forest Dept and Adventure Tour Operator Association. Liquor as well as loud music (Bluetooth speakers) is strictly banned.

If anyone willing to camp at Triund can do it so by contacting a local Registered Travel agent who has an authorization from the Forest Department and Tourism Department to obtain permissions and paper works. Anyone going for  this trek without documentation are set be imposed fine and also the non-permitted camps are forced to un-pitch the tents on-spot.

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