Family Camping at Harnala River


                      Family Camping – Liyund River side Camping


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Popularly known as Scotland of India, Dharamsala is a beautiful hill station situated in the Snow capped Mountains of Himachal Pradesh & is one of the 80 hill stations, those were established during the Colonial Era.

Located in the foothills of Dhauladar Ranges, Dharamsala is divided into two; Lower Dharamsala & Upper Dharamsala. The upper Dharamsala widely known as Mcleodganj, Dharamkot, Bhgsunagand & Naddi pervades the home to a large Tibetan Culture & also the residence to his Holiness The Dalai Lama, the Buddhist Head. The Tibetan people also refer this place as  The Little Lahsa of India.

The Forests of Dharamsala are erected with Cedar, Rhododendron, Pine & Oak trees & a home to hundreds of species of birds, which makes this place a Paradise of Nature Lovers. The Town is hummed with Snow capped Mountains that appears to be standing at a knocking distance, a feature that sets it apart from others.


 Why should one go for a Family Camping?/ Benefits of doing the Family Camping with us

  • Enhance your family bounding & sow more seeds of Love in thy family, abiding by the lap of nature.
  • A good opportunity for you & your kids to learn some new outdoor skills.
  • Learn new activities like; pitching your camp, Swimming, Fishing, Angling, Mountain survival skills, Photography & outdoor skills.
  • Get complete knowledge of Emergency First Aid kit.
  • Witness the Blissful Experience of bird watching, in an amazing forest with your family.
  • Learn new sports.
  • Involve in the local culture & enjoy the time being away from bushy Cities.
  • Enjoy the taste of local Organic Food which is made from locally forest grow fruits and vegetables.
  • Try out your hands in Kitchen on some new dishes or you can preferably say Desi Himachali




  • Environment/Nature of Camp

Liyund River side Camping is done at the banks of river Liyund.The campsite is a 20 mins easy walk from Kareri village. The dramatic scenery between Kareri village & Camp will leave you Blissful.

The Crew team, the helpers, & the guides are very friendly & care taking in nature & are always ready for your service.

The tents are pitched in a Amid plain grass land at a short distance from river Liyund, which makes a comfortable space for 2 persons per tent. All the basic amenities & authentic food are provided at the campsite. The guides are very well trained & Professional.

We are sure you carry back some mesmerizing memories from here.



We make sure your dream vacation be filled with lot of enjoyments & adventures activities. Explore your kids to the true Lap of Mother Nature. So here are some of the special things we are organizing specially for you and your family.


  • Swimming; Most of us swim in the pools that are made artificially with limited quantity & controlled temperature of water.

But have you experienced Swimming in a Massive River that’s flowing fluently with Ice chilled water? Come and experience the amazing feel of Swimming in chilled water which runs down directly through the glaciers from top of the Mountains.

This will surely count into few of the most crazy & Adventurous things you have done in your life.


  • Bird watching;

Himachal is home to several hundreds of species of birds which include Resident & Migratory Birds.   Around camp site we have about 110 species of seasonal migrant & resident birds nesting around the forest. Specially in summer we have the best opportunity to witness out 20-30 species of Birds every day. Some of the major species found around camp site include Brown Dipper, Spotted Fork Tail, Yellow-Billed Blue Magpie, Long tailed Minivet etc.


  • Outdoor & Basic Survival Skills.
  • This is something authentic, Unique & a new project started by our company, which really is worthy learning new Skills & enhancing your & your family’s survival skills in the wild.
  • The activity includes introduction to basics of First Aid Kit, which surely helps us when we are down.
  • Skills such as Pitching Tents, Staying warm in Cold, Lighting up the Fire etc.
  • Basic survival skills specially in Mountains, Tricks & Techniques to escape from a Lost Forest.
  • You also get to learn offline Map reading & locating the directions without help of a compass.


  • Authentic Local Food
  • Come be like a Local & Eat like a Local.
  • Locally grown Organic Veggies are used for cooking. Seasonally Forest grown Fruits & vegetables are provided & cooked by our professional Kitchen team.
  • Milk products like Milk, Curd, Lassi, Ghee, Butter, Buttermilk, etc are procured from local villages.
  • Protein packed Natural & Organic Food is provided for Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner.


  • Photography Workshop

To learn Photography is more than Fun, it can be a powerful tool of expression; A way of                                                                                                                                                                             Discovering the world, & yourself In the process, but at first you need photography classes, in which you can gain mastery over the basics & an intimate understanding of your Tools.

This is what we do in our Short Photography Workshops. We deliver you the Basics and some Tricks which will definitely help you get some amazing pictures.

But as a Compulsory part you will have to carry your own camera. Because as we all know the fact that every camera has its some Unique Features & Settings. Hence it is advised for you to carry your own camera so that you lean some new things practically & Experience it in your own way.

A Team of Professional Photographers will lead you throughout the workshop. This is a free workshop we are providing to you as a Complimentary for joining hands with us in this epic journey.


  • Short Documentary Film & Photography

Never let the moments Fade Away. Carry back Home the entire Memories from your tour.

All the beautiful Instincts & moments of your stay with us right from Day 1 till Departure are Captured by our Professional Team, which is then edited and provided to you.

An amazing short video is made using all the beautiful moments of you and your family during your stay with us, and yes you can taunt those who missed out from your tour




  • DAY 1: Arrive at Dharamsala & there is a cab waiting for you to pick you up & drop you at the Camp site. It will be a 2 Hour drive from Dharamsala to Kareri village. After getting off at Kareri village, our guide will pick you up there & direct you towards the campsite, which is a 20 min walk from village.

A welcome drink will be provided on arrival at campsite along with an introduction to camp & crew members. After a Healthy Lunch rest for some time & refreshments will be provided by 4 pm. Later on you can play some games or get involved in Camp Pitching Workshop.

Dinner along with camp fire is provided by 8pm.


  • Day 2 : Have a protein filled Breakfast & take a walk towards the local Village & our guide will introduce you to the local Tribes & Culture. You can See & Feel the local tradition of the ancient tribal culture.

Return back to camp by Noon & have a Healthy lunch. Later on in the evening you will be introduced to Outdoor Survival Skills & Basics of First Aid kit & Emergency Rescue Skills

Late at night have Dinner & have a blessed sleep under the Stars.


  • DAY 3 : This day is specifically for Bird Watching .

Wake up early morning & by 6am move out & walk towards the Jungle for Bird watching. An expert Guide & Professional Bird watcher will guide you through the forest introducing you  to several hundreds of species of Birds.

Return to camp by 9 & have breakfast, after some rest there are several outdoor activities like Swimming, Angling, Fishing & several other sports to opt by. Return back to camp by noon for a healthy Lunch.

Again during evening time go for Bird watching & return back to camp by 7pm & enjoy the hot organic dinner waiting for you at your table.


  • DAY 4 : After a nice Breakfast involve in some Meditation Course where in you will be instructed with the Techniques of Meditation & how to get fully benefited with Meditation.

Or, If interested & carrying you own Camera, you are welcome to a short Photography Workshop. You & your family can learn some best Tricks to capture some Beautiful Moments. After lunch return back to Dharamsala.

Journey Ends.



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