Untouched by Human societies or any Trekking communities this Trek is a Magnificent Beauty amidst the snowcapped mountains. We get to witness several peaks from a close up such as, Mun Peak, MetroHorn, Talang Pass etc. The trail passes through a variety of pastures, meadows & jungle. This place is home to a large number of birds, animals, Rhododendrons, oak, Pine Trees and variety of seasonal wildflowers and Herbs.

As being a Virgin Trail, the route isn’t well marked, and completely in its natural state, which gives us a deep sense of feeling of walking through the Mighty Mountains & Forests.

Unlike any other treks in the region, this trail is free from any of the Human touch, expect for the rare shepherds who take out their cattle for grazing in the mountains.

The total trek distance is 45 Kms which would require about 3 Nights & 4 Days for a perfect journey.


Region: Tea gardens of Gopalpur , Buddhist Monastery, High altitude pastures & meadows and Local Host

Elevation: 3250 mtrs / 10725 ft

Grade: Easy to Moderate

Places covered: Gopalpur, Jia, Gahri, Bhagpura, Gandri, Dhurud, Skadie


Day 1 :  Mcleodganj-Gopalpur-Jia-Garhi. (Trek distance 10kms/ 4 hours)

After Breakfast Reach Gopalpur by 9 am and have a sip of locally made Kangra Tea in the Gopalpur tea Estates on the way.

We start our trek from a remote village called Jia. The hike takes us 4 hours / 12kms to reach our camp site. The trail passes through a variety of pastures and a thick Pine forest.

Packed Lunch will be served over the journey. We get to use the Sheppard huts for our lunch, which are occasionally used by local Sheppard’s.

Evening snacks and refreshments are served at the camp site.

Day 2: Ghari-Bhagpura (Trek distance 7 kms/ 3 hours)

After a healthy Breakfast in the mountains we start our hike by 9 am in the morning. Today’s walk would be bit difficult as We walk through ridges and steep faces of the mountains which gives a beautiful view of the cities which seem very tiny to our eyes. Also we get to walk through the forests filled with rhododendrons. Plenty of wild strawberries plants can be found over the trail.

Reach campsite by Noon and get to see the majestic view of snowcapped mountains from a very closer point. There is a large Tabletop filled with meadows.

Lunch, Refreshments and dinner are served at the camp site.


Day 3: Bhagpura- caves-Bhagpura (Trek distance 5 kms)

After an early breakfast we start our journey to reach the Bhagpura Caves, these caves are considered to be meditation places for the Pandavas in the Epic Mahabaratha about 7000 years back. King Arjuna is said to have meditated to Lord Shiva here.

We walk alongside the snowcapped peaks which gives a chilling feel through our hike this day. We get the magnificent view of hundreds of mountains below us.

The temperature at night falls as low as -10 to -20 degrees in winters

Packed Lunch is  served at the campsite near caves.

Day 4: Bhagpura-Dhurud-Skadie (Trek distance 17kms/ 4 Hours downhill)

Today being the last day of our trek we spend some time around the campsite, A beautiful sunrise can be witnessed here in the early morning.

After breakfast, we head down towards Skadie village which is our end point of our trek. We cross a gentle downhill and walk through the Jungle to reach our Dhurud campsite for packed lunch. Hot Tea/Coffee will be made in the Sheppard Huts on our way down. 1 hour of trek from here and reach the Skadie village where our pickup vehicles await us for our departure.















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