The Traveller Feedback!

Arvind did a spectacular job for our trip to Dharamsala. He was always on time, courteous, and happy to answer our questions. It was incredibly helpful to have him, as a local guide, who arranged things for us. He speaks English very well, and was incredibly knowledgeable about the area and its sites. I wholly recommend Tour de India to anyone who may be staying in Dharamsala

Diane and Ian

United States of America

I can personally recommend Mr Arvind Sharma as a guide to the birds of Himachal Pradesh. He is extremely helpful and personable with a great knowledge of the birds of this his local area. He was a colleague of Jan van Besten who produced the standard guide to the birds of the Kangra Valley. He has completely dedicated his life to the welfare of all animals of the region, wild or domestic. Anyone wanting to see and enjoy the magnificent bird life of these hills and valleys can do no better than make use of Tour De India’s services.

Geshe Graham Woodhouse

United Kingdom

We are so grateful to Tour De India for organizing our North India tour. We were so hesitate about the culture shock about India but the courteous guides and hospitable people and family homestay made it so easy for us. During out treks, homestays we have made so many friends and memories for life also we are so much impressed by the Tour De India’s social initiative to support dog hospital in Himachal . Many Thanks team!!

Peter & Melini


During our visit to McLeod Ganj my husband and I had the fortunate opportunity to visit and observe the amazing work being done at the Himalayan Nature Society and animal shelter in Dharmsala India supported by Tour De India.
Having spent 30 years of my life working with horses and other large animals in the U.S. I was so impressed by the professional and respectful treatment these animals received.
This shelter is run very efficiently and with extreme dedication.
My trip to Northern India was made so much richer by seeing the good work done by these individuals.
The shelter is very dependent on donations. Please consider giving to this very worthwhile organization and by all means visit the shelter if you happen to be in the foothills of the Himalaya Mountains.
The Tour De India Company is very considerate and thoughtful as to a client’s wishes and abilities. These are invaluable components in making for a successful tour or trek. Having experienced guides, drivers and chefs traveling with you makes for a trip that lives on in one's memory forever.
Having traveled extensively with this company I can wholeheartedly recommend them to any travelers of all ages. My husband and I took a 21 day trip with a focus on sacred Hindu sites, Tibetan communities and tribal villages. There is no other way we would have had this experience than through this company. I look forward to many more adventures with this travel agency.

Stuart & Salley



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